SIX Semicondutores

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Knowing SIX

SIX Semicondutores is a partnership among SIX Soluções Inteligentes, a technology company...


Understand how the company operates, which professional profile it searches, and what are the advantages...

Construction Process

The SIX Semicondutores Fab has been designed to comply with the high standards...

Knowing SIX

SIX Semiconductores SA (SIX) is a partnership among SIX Soluções Inteligentes, Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES), Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais (BDMG); IBM (NYSE:IBM); Matec Investimentos; and  Tecnologia Infinita WS-Intecs. The total investment is of approximately R$ 1,2 billion to build the most modern semiconductor factory of the Southern Hemisphere. The [...]

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Press Release

SIX Semicondutores, a Brazilian company with investments totaling approximately R$ 1 billion for the implementation of a semiconductor factory in MG (“Company”), announces that the Argentine Group Corporación America has concluded the negotiations with EBX Group for the acquisition of the totality of its shares in SIX Semicondutores, corresponding to 33.02% of the voting capital [...]

SIX Semiconductors in the Silicon Valley

SIX Semiconductors participate in an event at Stanford Research Institute and start partnership with the Silicon Valley, birth place of semiconductors. Heather Somerville “Brazil looks to Silicon Valley to power new semiconductor factory”, in San Jose Mercury News, 05/03/2013

Event in Stanford Research Institute

• Participants will learn about the company and opportunities in the Semiconductors industry in Brazil. • It will be presented job opportunities for about 300 positions in SIX Semiconductors plant in Minas Gerais. SIX Semiconductors is currently building the most modern semiconductor plant in the South hemisphere. It will promote the event “Brazilian Semiconductor Industry”, [...]

SIX Semicondutores

Investors Group announces construction in Brazilof the most modern semiconductor factory in the southern hemisphere. Unit of approximately R$ 1 billion will be installed in Minas Gerais; Operation will generate 300 direct jobs; BNDES will finance R$ 267 million, R$65 million being transferred by BDMG. São Paulo, November 19, 2012 – SIX Semiconductors SA (SIX), [...]